women are not powerful?  oh please i can get your dick up in just a minute in public and there’s nothing you can do bout it

Fuck you, I love you so much.
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Caught between my adolescent safety net and where the world wants me to be
Drinking my way out of this groove

I’m pretty good at feeling sorry for myself
Making up fake lives but nothing like, tangible
Daydreaming while watching the TV
Intricate combos by myself to fall asleep
But alas, none of them come true
No car accidents, plane crashing
No six o’clock news
Just me and my too-far-away TV




Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.
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You are, by far, the biggest piece of shit I have ever met. 

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why do you keep showing up everywhere I am. PLEASE STOP.

malitioseludo asked:
*Ahem* You're* beautiful AND FUCKING PERF. OK? Ok. Bye. Kisses 4 mah homiezizter~


I FUCKING LOVE YOU. (and pacey) 

Write dat paper, so yuh can get paper~
Love doesn’t hurt.
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Can I just drop out and marry rich?